My order from early 2016 arrived today. Anyone else get theirs.
P.S. I’m not trying to open a can of worms, let’s try to be civil.


I ended up canceling my order this past winter because I’d received most of what I was interested from other sources. But good to see you got yours. Thanks for posting.

Did you get an email ahead of time? (His most recent update, 4/2 says he will be verifying address and such before shipping an order)

I ask because of the 5 I originally ordered I’ve already acquired 2. If so, what was the lead time between emails and receipt of the plants? We’re the ones you received what you had ordered?


I have an order from 4/12/2016 that I had given up hope on, maybe I’ll still get it!

He emailed me Friday to let me know he was shipping this week and on Monday he sent a tracking number. You might send him an email with your purchase order in it and explain the situation.

sadly last time I looked I couldn’t locate the original email I had sent placing my order. I should look again…


I also posted this on and I must say I love What is it about fig trees that make so many people hateful. I’ve had several people PM me that they had received their trees but we’re too scared to post on the main forum. I’m not a supporter of James by any means, but holy crap. I’m just glad Scott runs a good forum and most of us are civil.


The civility on this forum is essential to its well-being. Scott and the moderators here simply do not put up with folks who are repeat offenders. Constructive criticism is welcome. Endless bullying is not desired nor tolerated. Smart people can make up their own minds on issues when presented with reasoned civil commentary of differing perspectives.


I saw your post on ourfigs and I have to agree with you. It’s a great forum and generally pretty civil, but on this subject the knives come out.

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i am surprised and now intrigued. Orders from 2 years ago? Wow! I salute your patience good people!

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I knew there was a good chance I was throwing my money away so it was just a pleasant surprise. I didn’t spend much and if the trees are the correct varieties then I saved a ton of money and got trees I probably wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.

There is a lot of history here. A very large number of people have still not received their trees/cuttings after over 2 years. Some invested thousands of dollars! The seller has gone incommunicado for long periods of time and missed every deadline, even ones he provided himself. Such a seller does not inspire confidence.

The original figs4fun forum may have even been shut down mostly as a result of the controversy created by this one seller.

I am very happy that you received your trees.

However I would not necessarily blame the fig forum members for their prickliness on this one subject.

They look very nice and healthy.

I did email, but he hasn’t yet responded, though it’s not like that’s a surprise haha.

I also knew it was a risk getting into it, I sunk a couple hundred and since have gotten other cuttings from a member on who shipped right away lol.

Anyway, I also wouldn’t buy from him again, but he could have avoided so much anger from people by not selling further cuttings/trees when he hasn’t fulfilled orders from a long time back. And also just told people…it could be 1-5 years before I can get everyone’s trees, it’s a gamble, either you’re all in or not I can’t refund later.

I think it would have gone way different. But anyway, if I get my rooted cuttings at some point it will at least be something for me. I’m not that crazy about all kinds of figs, but certainly to me there are a few different ones and for me they range from very average where I can eat a couple, to being very excellent and able to gorge myself on them until my stomach hurts!

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I had a hard time too, but then I searched for a variety I knew I requested and found it under the title: “Receipt for Your Payment to WebAisles, Inc”

Hopefully that helps your search!

You are a godsend… worked like a charm.

I’m still hoping that I hear from him in the next couple weeks and has a list of varieties I can substitute for ones I’ve already acquired. (or that he is unable to supply as I imagine one or more of the ones I requested might not be available…call me a pessimist…)

Thanks again…


Yeah I wouldn’t hold out a ton of hope that you’ll get everything perfectly, I’d be happy with nearly anything at this point. I posted over on the other place, but man they are crabby about the whole situation. I can understand, but for many who are so upset, they didn’t even order it sounds like… anyway, glad this place exists where people can at least celebrate if we actually get a shipment.

It is a fruit tree after all, I plan to eat what it makes and be happy!

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Yeah, there are definately multiple camps. I fully knew this was a start-up enterprise and didn’t expect to get my trees in a timely manner. I only spent $50 and I don’t want to file with the AG because I have faith in humanity and hope my trees will eventually arrive. Hearing that some are arriving makes me happier.

On the other hand, there seem to be a lot of people who did not know/understand the start-up nature of the nursery. I feel that they were blinded by the super cheap prices. There is the old saying “caveat emptor” or “buyer beware”. Since nobody else in the industry was offering $7 fig trees (except tissue-culture fig suppliers), something had to be up. And it was - demand overtook supply!

I hope everybody gets what they want in the end. I’ll let you know when my shipmen arrives.

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If I started getting orders of thousands of dollars and there was no way I was going to be able to satisfy them in the promised timeline, I would send the money back. As would most other folks. Taking their money and not responding is a dishonest way to run a business, startup or not.

Hi - reading this has spurred me to ask if anyone knows of a reliable source from which I could purchase either a plant or air layer of Bourgasotte Noire?