Figs, figs, everywhere!


The 5 Terre B was the better of the two. It was sweeter and had more complexity/richness than the Nalaga. But both were good. Not as good as main crop, but tasty nonetheless.


It should! Let it get nice and wrinkly on the tree before you pick.





funny, 16 cultivars. 26 plants.

great job, Richard :slightly_smiling_face:


Just make sure you stain the deck well or the woods under those pots will rot.


I used to buy 4 pieces of Cement boards from Home Depot and cut them 2.5 feet wide section and placed all my pots on it. This will prevent rot and save money from replacing the wood deck. My new deck is composite now so no more wood rot.


I have a fig tree that behaves similarly, these photos are from last year, all figs are of the same fig tree, in the same type of wood

… this year the fig tree has produced very few figs with strawberry interior


I suspect the difference might be because some figs have been pollinated by the fig wasp (those with dark red interior) and some have not. I see this difference on my Peter’s Honey and Armenian figs.


I prefer white fabric pots. Sun here is crazy hot, so I try everything possible to avoid heating of the pots.


I’m agree with you


I got a new camera/phone—so, while I’m waiting on some to ripen, here are some random fig pics. :wink:

Some of my in-grounds:

Below are some I started from fridge leftovers in early May. Need up-potting. I probably don’t need more figs, but—dang it!—I really like rooting cuttings!



1/4", 1/2", 5/8" cement board. Which to use?



Can you control weeds from that straw alone or is that more for moisture retention/organic matter?


Early in the season, I put a layer of cardboard down and then top that with the straw. It degrades pretty quickly under the straw but keeps the weeds in check for most of the rest of the season. The process will have to begin again next year, as the crabgrass and Bermuda grass find their way in eventually.


I would use 5/8" for the max heat absorption.



Just planted 3 figs i bought yesterday. 3 portuguese varieties

Pingo de Mel, São João and Capa Rota

Pingo de mel

São João

Capa Rota


This Chicago Hardy is really making figs this year


Hi @btle that is an impressive fig! I try to see if I could find it but no luck here. Which location did you purchase from and how long is since you purchased? I would love to find one of them. Congrats and thanks for sharing


Some of mine have grown too tall 7-9 ft; will need serious pruning this fall.