Finally got warm weather and all the potted figs and Pakistan mulberry are outside now

Two days out and the Pakistan mulberries produced fruits already.

Grafting lots of jujubes for the new house next March.

Multi grafted 10 varieties of apple also.

All 8 potted Tam Kam non astringent Asian persimmons are leafed out also.


I want to grow mulberry in pot.
Do you recommend this variety or anything else?
How big is your pot?
How long this tree has been in pot?

I loved the 2 white and 2 purple Pakistan mulberries. They are low acid and super sweet with huge berries. I dug up some 2 years old wild mulberry rootstocks and potted them up in the 15 to 20 gallon pots. I grafted them up after they leafted out. They are 5 years old now. Tons of sweet mulberries treat at the end of May. Then the inground Girardi dwarf, Oscar, Illinois ever bearing and Kokuso mulberries kick in. Lots of smoothies to fight the summer heat.


Of all the varieties in ground, which one you like most?

The Girardi dwarf due to abundance berries and 6 feet tall. The rest took off to the sky and too high to reach.


It is going to be a good harvest year for pear.

Pai Li



Multi grafted European pears

Yulu Fragrant pear



Red Asian pear graft from last year

Korean Giant

Lastly, my ornamental quincy flowers


is Oscar different than Illinois ever bearing? can you compare them? thank you!

Illinois ever bearing has larger fruit than Oscar but Oscar has sweeter fruit.

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how about shangri la? i have shangri la but its more tart than IE. im trying tio figure out if that typical of this variety or its just my climate,

You should try Kokuso. Giant leaf very ornamental and large sweet fruit but not as productive as IE.

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