Finally, We will have a white Christmas

30 degrees and 6" of light white powder and still coming. Very pretty. MrsG, I thought you may like it.



Wow - completely opposite here in the east. Mid 70s here in Tennessee. I’m envious.

Tony, thank you so much! It is Christmas eve day and 65 degrees. I would prefer your backyard! Its just beautiful. Have a lovely holiday. I still want to make that beautiful blue hawaiian yam dessert! Your pictures make me think of my childhood. Will you make a snowman?

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Later on today when all the nieces and nephews come over for Christmas Eve dinner and We will make a big snowman. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.



Merry Christmas to you, Tony. Nice pictures. Please post one of the kids finishing up the snowman!

Sounds like fun, but I’m happy for the freakish warmth we’ve been having here in the East. I just hope things get closer to normal before things begin to bud out. If it was on the other side of Jan. or Feb. we’d be in a lot of trouble already. Thank goodness for the chill requirement factor, but I’m worried about some of my more low-chill varieties.

It looks beautiful, but I’m not missing the snow at all! The older I get the less I look forward to winter although I do enjoy a big snow storm.

Merry Christmas everyone! We have unexpected and very beautiful first snow as a Christmas present. I feel a snow fight is in my future.

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Its so nice to see snow, in the east it seems like the stuff is extinct based on how we have yet to have any real winter. I haven’t even had temps below ~25F, my artichoke plant is still big green and happy.

We are just a few hours away from Tony and it’s very mild and pleasant in Kansas for now. The snow and ice is coming though :0)

Tony and Antmary,

Those are beautiful pictures. Growing up in the tropic, I do not like cold and/or snowy weather no matter how long I’ve lived here. It’s in the genes :smile:

We got down to low 20 F once last Sat, the rest of the time, it has been 40 or higher. Today is 65 F with drizzle. I’m not complaining.

And I’ll have fresh parsley for my roast beef tomorrow! Making ‘sugar plums’ from my dried prunes today. Oh yum. I can eat them while looking at Tony’s pictures.:heart_eyes:

Between Alan-Mamuang-MrsG, I am trapped in the southern New England Triangle(Bermuda, no thanks) which is just fine with me. 64 F with overcast skies, wish it could stay like this all winter! Just need to find a way to get my trees to migrate north for winter and come back in the spring on their own. :laughing:

I’m on the Cape and I never had such green grass for Christmas. I just want enough cold for my apple trees to do alright.

Same for me. 64F and cloudy. If it wasn’t wet from so much rain, I’d be incurring my wife’s wrath by working in the yard, rather than preparing the house for Christmas guests. Like Scott, I don’t think it’s gotten under 25F here so far. Unlike a lot of the people in this thread, I don’t miss the snow or cold at all. I’m fine with another month or two of this, then spring :smile:

I am a bit worried that some of my trees will start to come out of dormancy, then get hit hard by single digit temps in Jan.

I do miss snow…, I think it is in my genes… The snow makes everything clean and light. Snow is getting rare in Omaha too. We often have bitterly cold, but snowless winter days. My sons are rolling in the snow right now outside, they have so much fun!

Beautiful and timely scenery, Tony and @Antmary.

If I had a pic of our weather right now, it would show lightning, heavy rain, and my yet again flooded yard. Your places look tranquil. Now that it’s dark, I’ll just use my imagination to transform our outdoor reality. :snowflake: :snowman: :snowflake:

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Merry Christmas, everybody! 69 F today in Philadelphia suburb. I saw a should-be-hibernating frog hopping on the lawn today.

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Merry Christmas! A balmy 50 degrees F in Kansas! We normally have ice and snow and subzero weather so I saved my money this year and pretended I was in Florida :0)

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Tony this is my Christmas indoors! You wouldn’t want to see the FOG!

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Mrs. G.,
Did you receive my reservation?:slight_smile:
Fabulous table setting for the occasion.