Finding rare plants cheap!

I decided to go ahead and get 5 carmine jewel. $38.70 shipped. They even threw in a Red Crown Imperial Fritillaria.


Don’t see how you could regret that purchase! Fast forward 5 years when your buried in cherries one pale of those cherries will cost that much.

I’ve received today a refund for my purchase of Carmine Jewell plants from Michigan Bulb. They kept money for a month and sent me spam e-mails every day. Scammers.

What a jip did they say why?

I received the refund through Paypal. The message included no explanation, it just said to contact seller directly for any details.

I would call them. I’ve never had them do that to me before.

I purchased 2 and received what looks like a refund for one item. Perhaps it’s the one wood hyacinth my wife wanted and not one of the carmine jewel cherries I had ordered…

How much was your refund for, Stan?

Time will tell


I’ve purchased many a “starter” plant from Wellspring over the years. They have the ebay store as well as their own web store (not always the same items). Figs, kiwis, tea, TR Hovey Papayas, etc. My only disappointment was a Strawberry Verte fig that clearly was not (pale gold inside), although my neighbor loved it. I’m still looking for that elusive fig that will grow in my cool marine climate and actually tastes like a “fig”, rather than a vaguely sweet vegetable. So far, Violette de Bordeaux seems promising and I have a Desert King from Wellspring (I hope…) that I’m slowly bringing along.

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I bought 5 bushes of Carmine Jewell and, minus $20 discount and plus shipping, the total was $38.70. The refund was for the full amount.

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