Finding the sweet spot for pears

In golf, tennis etc there is a place that when the ball makes contact it is a magical feeling as to how well it takes off. For a few years now I have been attempting to find that spot with my pears. The ones that bloom early as we all know tend to get wiped out or greatly reduced fruit set. It is still early on in the process and I have much to learn. I have several varieties that are recommended for southern areas but they also the most vulnerable. A few that come to mind are Orient, Kieffer, Hood. Sometimes I get a good crop and sometimes I don’t. Hood bloomed the last three year and I still haven’t had one mature. These are some others that I added which I thinks will fit into this early category. They don’t have blooms this year but they are leafing out early (Dixie Delight, Southern Bartlett). I like have these but on a limited bases. As of now my more dependable ones are Harrow Sweet, Korean Giant, Moonglow, and Ayers. These bloom a little later and appear to get adequate chill hours in most years. I also added in about five more varieties in 2019 and I’m excited to see how they will do. I don’t think this last group will bloom this year but they are not leafing out yet so I’m pretty sure they will be late bloomers. In my opinion for us with with fluctuating early weather it is critical to find the sweet spot for pear blooming which could greatly improve our fruit harvest. Each area is different so what works for me might not work for you but I do think finding your sweet spot is the way to go.



I get the sweet spot. Growing up in Indiana, old fashion pear trees were everywhere. No one sprayed them or trimmed them. But did they ever produce pears.

Where I live now, there are two old neglected pear trees at the end of our lane where all the mail boxes are. In the Fall when we get the mail, the deer are gathered around the old trees. Even the deer can’t keep up cleaning up. They are the old hard pears that will eventually soften, but I like them hard and crunchy!

I hope you find your pear…

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I am only in the beginning stages of this process and with all that I have and will learn here, I hopefully will achieve this without to many roadblocks. Of course there are always things that one never thinks of that can and will happen :man_facepalming: Hope you can find that sweet spot this year but from what I have seen in several threads is that you have found it pretty close already :+1: