Fireblight and Disease Ratings

Don’t believe this link to FB and disease susceptibility to many Apple varieties has been posted on Growing Fruit

The information from 9 mostly University sources was compiled by Cornell.

The chart also shows the source of the information.

I noticed the FB ratings vary a lot, perhaps impacted by the climate where the information was gathered or perhaps the age of the trees


Fuji, Braeburn, Winesap seem fairly accurate…hardly any of my other 95 or so apples are on that list.

Interesting how how some ratings vary depending on location, though I have always suspected that was the case. I see a couple that I definitely dont agree with for my location. Pink Lady is very susceptible to CAR here.


I really like the chart, but the listing seems to depend on who is looking at it. :thinking: Regarding Northern Spy and fireblight resistance:

Northern Spy Moderately Susceptible4; Moderately Resistant4; Susceptible7,9; Resistant8

A lot more variation that I would expect. Perhaps the various strains of the FB bacteria used by each university has something to do with it.