First apples of the year

State Fair came off of the tree yesterday -August 20th. I’m impressed with them this year. They’re a little sharp, flavorful, close-grained, tender skinned, juicy. Very pretty. As I recall they should keep for a few weeks, but as they’re our only apple for a while they won’t last that long. They look like Transparent with a lovely scarlet overlay.


HMMMM…lots difference in Montana and KY.

i picked Gala that are ripening. Winesap not ripe, but something eating side out of them on the tree>>>all on one side, so it"s not insects, nor squirrels, or any big critter. (Bats?)

Niedzwetzkyana is gone, Redfield–my last are going to be used in the Kitchen tomorrow.

Is it a heavy cropper, like Transparent? I got about 7 bushels from my Transparent when harvesting about the 10th.

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No Galas on my tree any longer, but they would be ripening about now, or a little later, too if I’d kept them. Winesaps I don’t expect for weeks, but some years they surprise. I only have a very small number of those.

They’ve been a generous cropper, decent size.