First ever apricot blossom in Hamilton, Scotland (central belt, Glasgow subarbia)

One of my two grown from stone apricot trees has survived the Scottish Winter and has mow blossomed.



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Congrats. Hope it produces fruit. In my experience, having at least one more variety to cross pollinate is very helpful.

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Thx for kind advice. Unfortunately my other apricot tree is probably dead. It did not come out of hibernation. Some of its branches still look “reddish brown” but most branches are dry. So I am trying to get one more tree to come out of the nursery. There is still hope!!!

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Thank you very much! Even I get no fruit this year I am hopeful that may get next year.
I am always concerned with late spring morning frost here in Scotland! Also the other day we had fine hail🥲 That’s Scotland.

I just received several apricot and plum scion woods and would like to graft to exiting peach and plum trees in my back yard. I know that you have very good results on peach tree and we live not too far. May I ask you what kind of grating method did you use for peach grafting? Last year I got only one took on peach. I did wipe and tongue grafting during flowering and petal fall. Thanks in advance!

My fine motor skills are not fine so I have not attempt whip and tongue grafting method even though it looks to have the best cambium contact.

I stick with claft graft and bark graft for almost all my grafting. Once in a blue moon when scionwood match well in size, I would do a whip graft (also call splice graft) without a tongue.

It has served me well for me over the years.

You are in the Boston area so you probably half a zone warmer, like 6b.
I have no problem grafting plums now but you can also wait a couple more weeks, too. It should not have any issue at all. I’ve grafted apricots about the same time I grafted plums.

The only two fruit I wait for consistent warm weather are peaches and nectarines,

@mamuang ,
Good experience! The whip graft may not suit for peach, and the timing is also very important for different variety. I have to learn how to do bark graft, I never try other method more than wipe or alternative side graft. My growing zone is same as you 6a. Thank you so much for your helps!