First fruit of the Potted Thong Dee Pomelo!




And so my Thong Dee Pomelo has fallen off at the slightest touch when I was trying to move the pot. This shows the steps on how we peel off the giant of the citrus fruits. It is like dehusking a coconut. After the rinds have been removed, what remains is still bigger than my biggest unpeeled Oro Blancos. We eat the pulps of Pomelo and so never juice it. The pulps can be added to salad, but mostly for fresh eating. This is the best fresh Pomelo I have ever tasted in California. The meat is very firm and not bleeding at all. It is very sweet with slight acidity that keeps us munching for more. It doesn’t have the grapefruit aftertaste at all! Hope you can enjoy this with us but by the time you get here, it’s all gone. I haven’t tasted a pure Pomelo in a long while until now. Just enjoy the pics!


I’m jealous. Those look delicious.


It sounded like it was as good as gold like its namesake. It is amazing that you can grow it. Congrats.

Wish I could grow it here in MA.


Mine was grown in a pot, so there’s hope for you. Just bring it into the sunniest room every winter.


I barely could keep my potted chilli pepper plants alive in my house through the winter ;). Not enough sunlight and the house is generally too chilly for tropical fruit.

If I had to pick a potted plant indoors, I’d pick chilli over pomelo anyday. Your pomeloes do look great.


Nice! I can’t wait for mine to fruit!


Joe, do happen to have some budwood to sell, it sounds like a nice addition to my meager collection.


I can send you some if your state isn’t in the quarantine list for citruses. Just pay for postage, ziploc bags and envelopes.


For people in the quarantine area like me, CCPP charges $0.75 per bud, plus shipping.