First fruits! (Early yellow apple)

The blotchy yellow apple is the one fruit produced by a tree i grafted several years ago. My husband’s uncle planted the scion from a seed many years ago. When he died, we visited and i took some cuttings (while it was in bloom! That was the only time we could get there) and grafted them to several rootstocks. The M7 all took, and after a couple years in pots, i planted the best one on the yard.

Last year it set a few fruits but the critters ate them all long before they ripened. This year it set exactly one fruit, and i picked it on Rosh Hashanah, and served it sliced, with honey.

(The other slices are from apples i bought.)

It was a little drier than we remembered the parent tree’s fruit, but delicious.

Shana Tova, and happy fruit growing.


I find that amazing you were able to graft blossoming scions. Anyone else ever tried that?

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I removed all the blossoms and leaves, and wrapped the twigs in damp newspaper and then in a plastic bag. It’s about a four hour drive home, but i grafted later the same day. And all the grafts to the Geneva rootstock failed.

M7 is a very old rootstock, and i think one of the reasons it’s still around is because it is an easy and forgiving rootstock.