First graft and some related questions

I finally took knife out and did some Asian pear grafting this weekend. Afterwards, I counted my finger, still have 5 left on each hands, hooray. I used parafilm first, and realized that it can be easily tore so I used the electrical type to tighten the wood together on top of the parafilm . Keep fingers crossed. here is a picture of one grafted branch.
I think the hardest part are to cut the scion in the right angle and surfaced in the same plane. Maybe line up with cambiant lay is more important, but I can’t really see after the scion is inserted.

MY other related question are, 1) I have some plum, apricot, scion that are in bud swell stage, can I still be able to use it to graft them onto a peach tree?

2)I also have grape scion, that is in dormant, what is better method to graft grapes at this time of the year?

  1. I still have some dormant asian pear scion left, I would like to experiment some t budding. I am wondering if I do that , will it affect pear fruiting process because this is the season that pears are blooming and form fruitlets. Will a cut in a lower branch affects the nutrient flow up to support the form of the fruitlet?
  2. finally question, should graft in sunny day, cloudy day, or raining day, morning, noon, evening? make difference? no difference? somewhat make difference?

good idea going over the parafilm with electrical tape. Parafilm provides zero structural support.

You can graft scion wood at bud swell, but obviously the “take” rate will be diminished. Olpea stated yesterday that he had good success with wood that had at least one closed bud.

Cloudy and even drizzly days are reported to be best for grafting although it can be done anytime. I grafted the other day and it was in the 80’s and windy. I didn’t like it. I feel the warm wind quickly dries the cut wood and, in my mind at least, I have to think this has some negative effect. It’s probably not significant, but I’ve read many times that cool cloudy days are ideal.

@IL847 Annie, you had some good questions. I like it when people ask questions that I didn’t even know enough to think of asking on my own.

@IL847 --love your photo of your grafting kit. Makes me want to go out there and graft again!

Lizzy, Thank you. I was inspired by people here and GW. Really like the idea of having different varieties on one tree. Also, I think it is fun to try to learn a new and totally different skills. Will know the result soon, and I keep my fingers crossed.

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