First of my apple trees to arrive

Just received a Bramley’s Seedling from Orange Pippen. Did not know what to expect—described as a year old tree. I am well pleased.


Looks like a perfect blank canvas to me! I assume you intend to do some baking?


Yes. My husband is British and has ordered a pie! Pollinators to be delivered today. More to come…

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I’m not sure how Bramley will do there in Texas but it’s the standard in England as your aware. They did not do great here for me but I just grafted a few peices here and there years ago. I plan to try them again in a shadier spot. I suspect all those English fruit trees do better in the shade in Kansas. Kingston black cider apples are doing ok in the shade but I’m not sure they would live here in full sun. Sure is a pretty tree you have there!

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I see Christmas is coming early at someone’s house. :wink:

Nothing like the feeling of unboxing a tree and getting a good one.


Bramley’s is one that @applenut is growing in California and he says it’s doing good for him so we are going to give it a try. He prob doesn’t have the humidity that we have here and sometimes I think the heat is one thing and humidity is another but they become an issue together. We will see. It’s a much better tree than I was expecting.

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That tree looks great. Bramley is vigorous and droopy, especially when those big apples are hanging from the limbs.


Great looking tree. I never ordered anything from Orange Pippin. I am glad the tree looks so good. I thought Orange Pippin was based out of the UK. Maybe I was wrong.
Anyway, good luck with your new tree. I have heard the apples are very good for making pies.

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Thanks for posting that…there may have been others already, but this is the first new tree order received and posted that I have seen myself. It sort of gets me excited. I still have a couple apple trees that haven’t even dropped their leaves, and here you are opening new trees. Anyway, its always fun seeing folks open new trees and yours looks very good to me. Best of luck.


Nice looking whip. I wonder if those top buds won’t flower in the spring. They look very large. Buds like that on a couple trees I have will flower. Zestar, especially, is like that for me.

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We received the other order tonight. I haven’t unpacked it yet. I’ll have to update tomorrow when we plant. The Orange Pippin tree looks really good to me and I don’t think the others are going to be as big. It’s like Birthday or Christmas when a box arrives. My husband has the bug too…he can’t wait to cut the box open.

Yes, according to the Brits nothing is better.

Most of our trees are just now dropping their leaves. I have a tiny apple tree that hasn’t grown much this year…it still has green leaves on it. And it’s been in the seventies but Monday it’s supposed to be cold and rain.

I’m a real newbie on apples…well everything really…but I was just reading about the fruiting buds. I’ve got a ton of learning to do about these.

My husband said they make really large apples. I hope it is precocious too…I’m not good at waiting.


I think Orange Pippin Trees may be based in the UK, but their inventory seems to based on what Cummins Nursery in NY has.

I did some sleuthing last year, and thought wow, OPT seems to have the same exact trees on the same rootstocks as Cummins. The difference between the two is that Cummins allows you to pick the caliper and subsequent price, whereas OPT charges the same price with no choice of caliper.

Was the tree shipped from NY?

Bramley’s Seedling is a semi tip-bearer, which leads to droopiness which is magnified by the abundant big, heavy apples.

It’s born fruit at least as soon as the other apples I grafted onto the the same tree when I added it. It is productive.


They have and

Here is a disclaimer from their UK site and I’m sure you might find a similar statement on the US site so they very well might be using Cummins stock.

“The fruit trees we supply are of good quality, with a good root system, from nurseries that we work closely with. Quality control procedures ensure the trees are healthy, and accurately labelled. All our trees are grown in England.“

I do remember they had a choice of Bud9 rootstock that was sold out and I think they had larger trees that were sold out. So our “choice” was a year old tree on G 935 which we decided to take as there were few nurseries offering Bramley’s. I’m happy!

Now I just need to live long enough to see it come to fruition!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I know exactly what you mean. I see some trees that will not produce fruit for 8-10 years. I would like to at least have a few apples to eat before my heirs do.
Thank you for the Orange Pippin Trees information. I figured they were in the UK and that I would not be able to order from them because of the fact it is " live tree" status. They prohibit that type of importing between countries.You can’t even get something from the nurseries in Canada imported here…

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Your description of them almost makes want to try a tree of my own out in my yard.

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Opened the box and planted the trees early this morning. Forgot to take photos before we planted. These are from Century Farm Orchard and look really good. Not quite as large as the Bramley’s. From the state of graft site I would think they are younger.


King David


Reverend Morgan

And the Bramley’s planted