First of the Bird Defenses are Deployed

Apricots and early peaches are beginning to color up, and with the color come the birds… First nets from American Netting are deployed.


Have you used these in past years, and did you observe any rodents or small animals chewing through the netting? Thinking of using something like this next year, seems like it works pretty well to keep out birds as long as it doesn’t get chewed.

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birds started attacking when our peaches were 1.75 dia green fruits. I was surprised the fruit made it to the end with only a “belly button” indentation. Even some peaches that had squirrel bites survived to the end.

Good luck on the net, it looks very effective.

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I don’t really have any rodent pressure to speak of. If I don’t do a good jog of closing every gap, birds can get in and get trapped. Then the dog gets involved and the net can suffer. I’m pretty good at closing it up tight these days.

I can only daydream of such a thing. Serves me right for buying a house near the woods. What is the mesh size, about 3/4" or something?

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Yes, 3/4", here is a link: