First Peaches Ripe 2020

Well, June 1st we harvested our first peach, these ones seem to be a yellow variety that ripens from the bottom to the top. They aren’t sour when hard on top, and very sweet when soft. They are a hit so far with the family. Skin is a little thick for my liking, but easy to remedy by peeling. This one is also a cling-stone so cutting away from pit is about the only way to eat.

We spray Surround and has seem to done well to protect this and other stone fruit crop. Only problems on this one seems to be all the rain we’ve been having has split some and given others some skin spotting. At the moment though they all ripened just fine and didn’t fully rot.

Only issue here seems to be that I thought this was a Nectar white peach variety which should not only be white, but more mid-season, guess it’s another to cross off the list as known! I’m estimating from all the reputable nurseries, my hit rate for varieties seems to be about 60% correct.


Congrats! Indeed that is not Nectar, it is a lot later.

Your tree looks pretty young, watch out for rot in 3-4 years. Its coming like a freight train, but it is still over the horizon so you can’t hear it yet :grin:

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Thanks Scott, I have read from you that same thing. Hopefully Serenade keeps it at bay a little longer. I also hope to keep it open enough, but we will see. Everything for growing fruit is always a challenge. Right now I’m dealing with washing the Surround back off before eating them!

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