First snow of the season today

Well We got about an inch of snow today and it is a signal to harvest as much fruits left on the trees and garden before too late. Some hot peppers and Tam Kam Kaki.

Flavor boomb cherry tomatoes


Ha, 91 here, no snow last winter, one rain this summer. It looks like no hope for meaningful rain until next summer. Winters are almost all very dry.

Most of the western half of the country is in severe drought.


It has been dry here in Kansas as well but cold signalling winter arrives soon.


First snow of the season here today as well.

No snow here on the valley floor (3200 ft); we have a decent skiff at 5000 ft and I guess quite a bit at 6000 ft. We did get sleet yesterday morning and I had to scrape the windshields. They say we’re looking at the low teens by the end of the week, so I guess I’ll pick whatever is left of my apples when it quits raining.

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We had our first snow a little over a month ago, luckily the temps didn’t drop as low as projected and ambient air temp stayed above freezing. I ended up picking most everything then, but left the green tomatoes. We picked the rest of the ripe tomatoes last weekend and made sauce. We did have our season ending freeze this past week as well though. Only the cabbage and root crops are left.

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