First time for this to happen

Yesterday I planted two Alapaha blueberry plants and early this morning this is what I saw. I’m guessing that an armadillo did this. Are there any other options/opinions?

The only soil amendment was a little sulfur dust.


I planted 6 raspberry plants several years ago… fertilized with blood and bone meal…

Came in and took a shower… then looked out the window to my planting… they were all gone.

Our daughters auatralian shepherd pulled up each one and chewed them to bits.


Chumming the waters :slight_smile:


I hope those weren’t 69 dollar trees from raintree. I would be ready to make wieners out of those dogs


The same dog… chewed 3 yr old gripe vines off right at ground level. Two of them…

The things we put up with for our kids :wink:

She was named “Lady” and was a very loyal and friendly dog… but for the first 2 years or so, chewed up everything, and I mean everything, front porch swing, rocking chairs, anything not protected with wire cage in the garden… what a pain. She eventually grew out of that… and was such a good dog… got run over by a truck.

No more dogs for us… we do have a cat (someone dropped off as a kitten and my daughter claimed right off)… Well my daughter is married now and moved away…

We still have the cat :frowning:


@Auburn… can’t say I have ever had a dillo completely dig up a newly planted (anything)…
They could sure do it, but they are usually just looking for grubs, worms, and dig holes just deep enough to get those out.

I would not think that sulfur dust would be attractive to them… but who knows.

they make a mess in my yard at times. I have flood lights, that I can leave off, and switch on at night… to catch them out there digging around, and a 17 HMR that makes quick work of one. My record is 4 in one night in the back yard… used my wheelbarrow to roll them down the road a ways to toss out in the field. Buzzard bait.

A small piece of (fence, or cattle pannel) and you might be able to stop them from getting to your new planting there. I have found them difficult to catch in a box trap.

Good Luck !

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The first “trees” I planted after we moved here were hazelnuts. Seeing that I had just planted some sticks, our dog yanked them out and proceeded to galavant about the yard with the sticks in his mouth. Plant me a stick, throw me a stick… same difference.


Bone meal attracts varmints.


When my parents built the house I grew up in, I remember there being a pile of bare-root trees (bagged roots, I think) that started disappearing. It turned out the neighbor’s dogs thought they found the mother lode and were carrying them home one at a time! I’m a little hazy on the details from being three at the time, but I think we did get them all back and they all made it.


I think you may be right. Two years ago armadillos uprooted a recently planted Chappelle pawpaw. It was during a dry spell and the armadillos caused a lot of damage in the areas mulched with woodchips (presumably digging for grubs under the mulch).

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