First time fruit tree pruner here! Help with my Spiced Zee

I am new to fruit tees but so excited to learn. I’ve been reading some on pruning and my Spiced Zee nactaplum is finally dormant (thank you socal!). I am thinking to remove the central leader and leave 6 or so scaffolds in as many directions as possible. My main question: how short to I prune those remaining scaffolds to an outward bud? This tree is one year planted from nursery and had one fruit this summer. No pruning yet. Thank you so much!!


Strong looking tree. I would remove that grass around the base, and remove the stake too. It looks like you have already headed the tree twice. Yes I would cut out the leader just above the largest three or so scaffolds. That lower horizontal one you can remove. Then I would head the remaining scaffolds at the highest point you can reach while standing on the ground.


Thank you SO much! I did that and it looks great. The perfect shape. I think it is going to be a very healthy tree. Thanks again!

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