First Time Rolling River Order-Review

First time order from Rolling River. All potted material, so not a whole lot to gripe about. Well packaged and quick shipping.

$28x2 Two potted pawpaw- About on par with everyone else. 2 Foot
$15x2 Jujube- If you can spot them in the pic. They are only 6 inch sticks.
$25 Tehama Giant White Mulberry- As you can see far left pretty good. 3 Foot and nice.
$15 Pawpaw Seedling- Not bad. 2 Foot.

Conclusion-75% satisfied. Would have been a better rating, but the two 6 inch sticks and the huge shipping price dropped it. Would order from them again if the shipping was a little less.


Thanks for the review. I have a healthy order from their sister company, Fruitwood Nursery. That part of their company sells cuttings, scion wood, root stock, and seeds. About a week after I had placed my order, I emailed them to see if I could add to my order and they answered me back in a fair amount of time. I sent them a list of things that I am looking for and I am waiting to hear back from them. I agree with you about the shipping. It’s 12.00 plus 20% of the order total for my area of the country. Oh well. I’ll try to come back and leave a review here once I receive my order.

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Also, I ordered 5 paw paw seedlings from my local state soil and water conservation service for 9.45 total. They are selling them for 2.10 a piece or 5/9.45. They have a native plants/trees/shrubs sell each year. Not sure if you have something similar in your area, but I thought I’d mention it.

I appreciate that, but there are thousands of wild ones in the woods here. Buying these to get away from the aftertaste. Also, you may want to look at the shipping again. Pretty sure it’s more than you quoted. And you might want to search the internet. I found a 15% off coupon code when I searched.

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I bought the paw paw seedlings as root stock and bought several named cultivar scion wood from Fruitwood. The shipping was, as I stated, 12.00 plus 20% of my order total, which at this point is 43.00 and some change (that might change if I add to the order.) Finally, I never buy anything online before doing a coupon or promo code search. I saw one for Rolling River, but not one for Fruitwood Nursery. If you know about one, please tell me where I can find it. Thanks!

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  • West of the Rockies: $15.00 flat rate + 25% of total cost of order.
  • East of the Rockies: $18.00 flat rate + 30% of total cost of order.

That was fruitwood rate. This is Rolling River rates. Mine was about fifty cents on the dollar. The coupon code is the only reason why I went ahead with it.

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Am I missing something here or is that the most ridiculous shipping rate schedule I’ve ever heard of. I will probably never order from them.

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I’ve ordered from them for years. Up until lately, everything looked like it was propagated in house. The plants I received lately were smaller and had tags like the stuff in big box stores.


I didn’t realize Fruitwood was affiliated with Rolling River…

I find fruitwood to be frustrating as everything I was interested in ordering was out of stock (by last November) and has remained out of stock…

I’ve ordered from Rolling River a few times. I actually keep meaning to contact them as the Japanese Raisin tree I purchased from them has really never done much and I was hoping they might have some suggestions on how to get it to put on some growth… (no one here really seems to have one)


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You might try to email them and inquire about items that you are looking for. When I emailed about the add ons, I was told that I could add to my order. I looked at their site again and many of the add on items appeared to be out of stock. I wrote back to let them know that I would just keep the order as is because the items were out of stock. He asked me what I was looking for and said that they try to keep the site updated, but sometimes things don’t get updated right away and added that he might have what I was looking for. It would be nice if they added an “email me when this item becomes available” button to their out of stock listings.


Well, now I don’t know what to think. After Marc asked me what I was looking for, I sent a reply with a list of about 15 items that appeared to be out of stock. He never wrote me back and last night I got an email saying that my order was shipped. I wrote back asking him if the order had really already shipped or if it was just getting ready to ship because I am still interested in the items that I asked about. I haven’t heard back from him, but it hasn’t even been 24 hours, so that’s understandable. I won’t be all that disappointed if I can’t add to my order, must have meant that I didn’t need the extras that I was looking at. I’ll just be happy if everything that I did order arrives in good order. And next time I’ll email before I hit that pay button. :slight_smile:

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Well let us know what happens when it finally arrives.



Order arrived today. :slight_smile:

For the most part I was happy with what I got.

It was well packed and nothing arrived damaged. (Side note, that’s a Brown Turkey Fig in the back ground. We overwintered in the unheated part of our garage. I thought it had died because we didn’t even water it, but one day a few weeks ago I noticed it leafing out so I brought it in the house and repotted it.)

Pretty much everything was there. One was either accidentally swapped or perhaps they sent it because they ran out of what I ordered, I’m not sure (I’m going to ask them about it). I am a little concerned about a few items that came looking close to bloom. I stuck them in the fridge (38 degrees) and I’m going to hope for the best when it’s time for me to graft.

Here are the rooted kwiw and one willow all potted up. I guess I ordered a rooted willow by accident. Face palm! Willow is SO easy to root! I don’t know anything about kwiw, so I didn’t want to take chances.

I have been in touch with them about the items that I asked about that they were supposed to check for me and they are providing good customer service surrounding the situation. So far I am giving them a -A (the minus due to some of the scion not coming fully dormant). I will follow up once I get my second order and again mid summer. :slight_smile:


If I may ask? How much was the shipping on that modest order?

If you are referring to me, I paid 53.60 (for shipping) altogether for 54 items (including my add on items that have not arrived yet). Most of the items were cuttings. They had at least 4 buds each on them.