First Time To Use Dormant Oil/Copper

I’m looking for a little reassurance before I spray dormant oil/copper on my pear trees. The fruit buds on my pear tree are slightly swelling and I just want to make sure it is still safe for my trees to be sprayed. Any comments are welcome, even the critical ones. Thanks, Bill

Bill, I spray copper at full dormant strength at swelled buds. Its only when leaves start showing that you enter the risk zone for damage.


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Thanks Scott

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are you the BCSchamps Bill?

Appleseed70. Yes I am. It is early but this site has big potential for the ones who focus mainly on fruit growing. My fruit trees only consist of what will fit on my 1/2 acre lot. I’m wondering if we need to start a new topic so everyone who crossed over can list their before and after names. Thanks for asking, Bill

I’m super glad you are here Bill.

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Update. Immediately after spraying the trees they looked dirty and oily. Looked over the trees today and they look so much better. Apparently the oil/copper along with rain has a cleansing effect. The pear buds are swelling and it won’t be long before I’ll see flowers. Bill

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