First time using surround


I have done that not by plan, if I have extra spray after hitting stone fruits I hit the apple trunks if its before petal fall on them. This is with spinosad in the tank. One reason why I think they often crawl up is the standard trap for PC is called a delta trap and its basically a “fake tree trunk” they crawl up.

How is everyone doing with the Surround? Here is an update from me.

I continue to have nearly all trees with little damage but a few hot spots. My White Gold cherry got nailed, it probably didn’t get enough spray earlier. Maybe 1/4th of the cherries I had to pull. A couple apples in one spot got nailed; fortunately as I was spraying I saw the guilty party and gave her a big squishy “hug”. On apples if all in a cluster get hit what I do is wait and see which fruits get a worm in them, they will be deformed in a few weeks. Usually there is one or more which only has a surface bite and that should mature to a fine fruit albeit with one spot on the side.

The early fruits that got infested that I didn’t find are now dropping due to the seed being eaten. I had a fair amount of damage on one apricot stand, it looks like 10-20% of the fruits are dropping. Since I had under-thinned it there’s no problem on the overall crop load. I am looking under that stand every day now and picking up fruits. The next tree in line to drop is Nadia which had gotten nailed earlier, and I am checking the ground on it out as well as there will be a load of plums there any day now. Right now I am starting to get the neck bites on Euro plums, this is an annoying problem and they need to be well-covered for a long time to minimize it. I grossly under-thin them in anticipation of losing a good chunk of the crop. Last year my Coe’s didn’t have many plums to begin with and I ended up with nothing after the PC OFM and deer came through.

We just had a big rain spell and I had several days with very little coverage. Fortunately it was also really cold so I didn’t get a huge amount of new damage in that period. The apples had gotten nailed after an earlier rain where it was warmer after the rain and I could not cover soon enough.


Too early for surround here haven’t even gotten to petal fall and on some trees still tight bud.