Flavorburst peach- one too many r's

Thanks! They did get this dry, just not at ripening! Again my friend, trying to help watered them, but I doubt he watered much, he is clueless. So not sure too much water did it?

Last summer, my location was very dry, sunny and cool. The stone fruits didn’t ripen on time. In fact, they didn’t seem to tree ripen at all. They were very bland when I finally picked them. I wonder if heat is a critical factor for flavor and sugar production with stone fruits? All other factors were ideal.

Yes a certain degree of heat is essential. I think most of NY is borderline for many stone fruits: peach, nectarine, Jap plum, and pluot. Not so for Euro plums and sweet cherries, cooler climate crops. 70s are too cool. 90s are great. Below 80F average high I think is too cool. Mid 80s likely fine.