Flooding in the Dallas and Houston areas

Fruitnut, Bob Hawkins,

Looks like parts of Texas got flooded. What about your areas?


I’m halfway between the two and I am safe from flooding. The ground is standing water but I am on high ground though there is flood warnings for the area rivers and creeks. All three of my ponds are over flowing.

Only thing that would flood my location is another 10 km wide asteroid into the Gulf. That would be a bad day.



You don’t see the humidity one would see in far south/eastern parts of Texas?

No, that’s the best thing about west Texas. Our humidity is typically pretty low. The dew point can reach 65 but rarely. When we have our hottest weather in June the dew point would be 30s to 50s. In winter it’s usually below 32 and sometimes near zero. In SE TX dew points would seldom drop below 65 in summer and often 75 dew point with 95 air temp.

People often say it’s 100F with 100% humidity. It might feel like 100% but never is, more like 70% humidity at 100F, that equals brutal. The highest dew point I can remember was 82F and that was in southern WI during a brutal heat wave.

Yup…i can vividly remember a summer night taking a walk about a decade ago and the dew point was 77F. When it gets up that high the air is so thick…its almost like your swimming out there. Plants seem to love it, but i hate it. Luckily we usually have cold fronts blow through…even in July…temps don’t fall much, but dew points plummet.

The good thing about West Texas was after the sun went down the temperature would drop and you could go out for a walk. You could also get up early in the morning and get some work done. In SE Texas when the sun goes down all that happens is the bugs come out and bite you. It is just as hot in the morning, kind of hits you like a brick. If you do not get the work done before June, it is too hot to finish a project until late September.