Florocane producing blackberry question

hey folks! i put in 5 tiny tissue cultured nelson blackberries in mid may. they are about 5ft. tall now and half the canes have 6-10 flowers on them. these are florocane fruiting blackberries. I’ve seen this a few times in summer bearing raspberries but only rarely and never this many on 1 plant. anyone else have this happen on newly planted florocane fruiting blackberries?


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i guess they like my beds soil! :wink:

Are they flowering on the tips of the canes? That’s odd they’re producing, hopefully they’re the right variety. Where did you get them from, Fedco?

I’ve not seen it on my floricane bearing blackberries like Osage, Ouachita and Triple Crown, the primocanes didn’t produce last year, as expected, but the floricanes did this year.

I have Traveler and Freedom, and they are starting to produce on the tips of the primocanes, just a few few berries a day, but a constant amount, still a lot of green berries and some flowering going on. Both are primocane bearers.

So far, I think Traveler tastes better than Freedom, although Freedom berries seem to be larger.

My summer bearing raspberries, like Prelude are starting to produce some berries on their primocane tips. Fall bearers like Fall Gold, Anne and Caroline are, too.


yes i got them at fedco. only blackberry they carry so not like they got them mixed up. yes they were flowering on the tips. my baby cakes dwarf blackberries are flowering at the same time and are loaded this year. finally going to get to eat a bunch of my own blackberries. the dewberries i got from rolling river are still ripening a handful at a time and are very good but they aren’t big producers so far.