Flowering Scions

My grafting has been long done and I’m having a bunch of them come up all in flowers. Especially, Dolgo, every one of them are all flowers. Also, Margil, Lady Williams, and Lord Hindlip. Will they survive? Lady Williams and Lord Hindlip at least have one non flowering bud each. Should I remove the flowers?


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I would remove them all as soon as I see them. Save the energy for those grafts to grow.


Exactly what Mam said. Letting them fruit would set your new growth back years, if not permanently.

On the Dolgo scions all the buds are flowers. When I remove the flowers would that cause it to push a new bud?

I don’t know. Anybody?

Which one? In the pics, all grafts have leaves.

Common on Dolgo. Just pinch off the blossoms it will leaf out and grow.

So just pinch the flowers out of the middle and leave the leaves?

Just pinch flower buds off. Do not cut off the leaves.

Thanks! Still learning. :slight_smile:

No worry. Me, too, still learning.

I’ve pinched off blossoms on grafts in the past but it never resulted in the flower bud turning into a vegetative bud. I’m following how this works.

Many times I have pinched off flowers and eventually had a new vegetative bud sprout. Only in cases where the graft had too much competition did it not sprout a vegetative bud — you need to have it cornered so there is no way out other than to sprout a new bud.


So I should pinch off anything that tries to grow below the graft?

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Yes, most root stock will keep popping buds until the scion gains dominance. Even then some root stock types like to keep trying.

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Yes, anything on the rootstock below the graft needs to be removed. Check them often. It is not a one shot deal. Remove them when you see them.

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For these flowering scions you need to be extra diligent as they would much prefer to make a new shoot from the base. Nail 'em early, nail 'em often :smile:

I posted the same question few weeks ago about only bud being a flower bud. I pinched off all the flowers and it looks like it’s pushing leaves now. image

Yes I did rub off everything else on the puny trunk.

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Some of mine are pushing leaves now also. Thanks to everyone for good advice.