Foliar feeding for peach leaf curl?

I’m experiencing some peach leave curl, and from another thread, it was suggested that fertilizing with nitrogen was the best thing you could do for the tree to prepare it to grow new leads.

I assumed that was with a granular fertilizer on the ground, but in retrospect that may not be the case

What is the best way to add nitrogen to the trees? Liquid fertilizer, granular fertilizer, foliar fertilizer?

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This is an older thread I know.
I used granular nitrogen,46-0-0. as recommended by someone on this site but I can’t locate now so I wanted to thank that person for recommending granular nitrogen. Then sprayed miracle grow on leaves.
It was the worst case of peach curl ever and now 6 weeks later tree looking pretty healthy with lots of peaches

My nitrogen gets applied to the soil (via my chickens’ digestive systems). The tree (Red Baron) snaps back really quickly from the PLC even though I don’t spray it most years.