Follow up Visit to Scott Smith Orchard! Part (2)


Today 07-06-2019 I went for a follow up visit @scottfsmith and I was so amazed. If you want to see the part one visit I did in March please check this link!

Everything is growing so well and loaded with fruits. I could not find any plum curculio signs, Scott nailed it. We tasted some Peaches, Apricot, Plum, and Nectarine and the taste was incredible. I will let you see and decide what I mean instead of writing. Enjoy :sunglasses:

Visit to Scott Smith Orchard!

Beautiful!! Amazing!!! And looks like a LOT of work!!!


Strong work Scott. You are the Pro at growing fruits!!!



Excellent photo’s Naeem! Scott, that’s a ton of work, beautiful!


Very nice orchard @scottfsmith! Great job on the stone fruit! Everything looks delicious!


Just yum…nice variety and good layout! Making me hungry ill have to go sampling out back now…been hiding fro 30c heat


Great job scott. Once again, thanks for sharing your garden pictures with us. I don’t think you’ll need to make a trip to the fruit market any time soon.


Thank you, Naeem.

@scottfsmith, what do you do with all those fruit? Your fruit are so clean. No more spray after this point?


Thanks for sharing the pictures Naeem! Scott Smith, that’s a beautiful orchard, so neat and clean with healthy well pruned trees and loaded with fruit. That’s alot of work and it shows!


Very nice, a little piece of Eden in Baltimore. My mind reels at the thought of all the work that’s been put into your orchard to produce such amazing fruit. Hopefully partaking of such a bounty makes it all worth it.


Fantastic labor of love. Inspiring. Words fail.


Thanks for sharing your tour. Beautiful


GM, Pretty amazing orchard…perfectly laid out and very neat. Something we can all aspire to in our own plantings. Thanks for sharing all the great pics. Randy/GA


What a beautiful place to live! Glad to see the fruits of your labor this year.


That is amazing. Incredible production in an area that is not easy to grow fruit.


It was great to have you visit, Naeem!

Yup!! Fortunately this time of year it is not so bad, I am not spraying much now maybe once every month or so… I should spray more as the OFM is still active, I nailed the first generation hard but they are building up population now. It is mainly re-baiting my squirrel traps and picking the fruits that I am doing now. That is good because it has been very hot. The heat wave finally broke today so I will get out in the orchard today to catch up. My veggie garden is a mess now, thanks Naeem for not sharing the pictures of that :grin: There must be hundreds of cracked SunGolds now.

If you look at the pictures closely you can see when I stopped the Surround, all the old growth is still white. When you put on a lot of coats for a long time it seems to never completely come off.


Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like you have a great day of visiting Scott’s garden.
Scott, your garden looked so neat, trees loaded with beautiful fruits, can tell that you have been working hard to maintain the garden and the health of the trees, as we as keep bugs under control. Great job​:+1::+1:


I love getting to ‘see’ where other forum members live. And of course, their orchards and gardens. Thank you, for sharing these pics, @Naeem. And your place looks lovely, @scottfsmith! The ‘hillside’ planting is very ‘inviting’, somehow. Peaceful. And . . . the fruit seems to be doing great!



Your orchard is meticulous, bautiful and fruitful. You’d better start thinking about charging admission fees :smile: . A lot of us are considering heading your way !!!.

I thought I was good with Surround for now but yesterday we had a serious downpour. Surround was mostly washed out. Another spray today is needed (again).


I am glad that everybody enjoyed and now I am more determined to better take care of my plants.

Did any body notice anything (Hint last two pictures ) ?