For how long does neem repel thrips for

How long is neem effective against thrips on the surface of the leaves before the insects pierce the leaf. In other words for how long does it kill on contact.

Found this with Google search…

As a topical solution, neem foliar sprays suffocate insects on contact and kill some external fungal diseases and infections. But, it requires application every other day for at least 14 days for it to work. Apply at either dusk or dawn to prevent contact with beneficial insects such as ladybugs or honeybees.

That sounds more like it kills if you spray it on them (suffocate)… not necessarily if you spray it on leaves then they bite the leaves ???

I did another G search on how does neem oil kill bugs… and got that below…

Neem oil can be used for certain insect and fungal disease issues. It kills insects by suffocation, covering their bodies with oil that blocks their breathing openings . It is most effective against immature insects. Mature adult insects aren’t typically killed and may continue to feed and reproduce.


Ok I saw something else on the web and it kind of confused me, thanks

Neem oil is particularly effective against small soft-bodied insects. Examples include aphids, thrips, spider mites, mealybugs, scale, and white flies. When applied directly, the oil can coat their bodies and kill them – or otherwise interfere with reproduction and feeding.

Found that too… when including thrips in the search… sounds like it is known to work well on them.
but still sounds like you may need to spray multiple times and spray it directly on the thrips.

Neem oil does not control thrip larvae or adults. In fact, it helps breed stronger populations by weeding out the weak.

Neem oil was first introduced into the pesticide arena as a surfactant. It’s very good at that.

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My aim was to kill possible individual thrips that may have been carried by me or other individuals walking around my yard, it wouldn’t even kill a few of those on my cherry?

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