For Jolene!

This recipe has won the hearts of Newport, RI! Thank you Jolene. It was by far the most successful recipe using peaches I have ever made! So start spreading the news! FYI once recipes are printed they are public domain, unless you have a secret recipe that is trade-marked.


There you go, Jolene!!!

Every time I brought this cake from Jolene’s recipe to a party, people ask for a recipe. It is simple, beautiful and delicious.


What an honor! I have yet to try this recipe. Maybe next year with my own peaches :slightly_smiling_face:.

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You should do a “Practice Run” this year with store bought peaches. Just with its beautiful look, you will wow many people. No need to wait for a year.


Not a bad idea :slightly_smiling_face:… I’ll look up the recipe in the other thread. Can’t see the directions clearly in this one…

I’m glad so many have had a chance to enjoy the cake, but I’m still laughing and just cannot quite get over it being known as ‘my recipe’ when my daughter found it on line.

The Summerset peaches are almost ripe here. Almost time to bake another cake!


Actually its a very old recipe. Pineapple was exchanged for the peach. But you brought it to our attention!