For mycorrhizae fans


Im a huge fan. Maybe even a groupie :crazy_face:

If you have seen Attenborough’s The Green Planet he shows that they communicate with each other… The whole doc is amazing.

"Fungi is able to link a whole group of trees through their root systems, creating a ‘wood wide web’ called the Mycorrhizal Network. Using this network, trees are able to pass nutrients, chemical and electrical signals to each other raising the alarm when being attacked. "

Someone recently called me out saying that PBS is biased… so theres that.


Some interesting videos in this presentation showing flows across mycorrhizae networks.


There is an entire chapter dedicated to this underground network in Peter Wohlleben’s 2015 book, “The Hidden Life of Trees.”


Thanks for sharing the link.

I’m currently reading “Entangled Life” right now. It goes into this and talks about how even different types of species will be a part of the same fungal network, sharing resources… there is still so much for us to learn about soil and plant communication!

For a novel that delves in, there is Understory. The least interesting part of it is the human characters, IMO. The descriptions of forest in it is a singular and great accomplishment.