For SoCal weather, which is the best time for grafting?

I’m planning to graft fig, pluots and Avocado.
Pls advise.

I wait until you can see new growth starting. Pluots are flexible but best for the others to be fully awake.

If you don’t know, the OC CRFG Scion exchange will be Sat Jan 18th at the Fairgrounds. Great source of free Scionwood. But I usually don’t graft until weeks after that.

I have grafted some avocados the day after the O.C. CRFG Scion exchange, and some weeks later. I had more successes on avocados with the ones done the day after with fresh budwood.

I like to graft most everything else deciduous, as it wakes up and starts pushing growth. Cherries are an exception. I have more takes on them when they are dormant.

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Thanks bobinoc.