Found a Plumboy patch!

I was Salmon fishing with husband and kids. Husband and older daughter fished while younger daughter and I explored a little island in the river. I found a huge patch of “Plumboys” - the local name for artic raspberries. I was able to take a few plants to add to my garden. Hopefully they will grow. There were also wild blackberries growing there - and I got a couple of those as well. I have tried growing the artic raspberries from nurseries and have had no luck, so hopefully the wild ones are already adapted to our environment and will thrive.


If they do well, I hope you will consider offering them as trades in the future. I just planted the four varieties that Hartmann’s offers. Hopefully they fruit, but if not, I’d like to try to plant some natives.

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I am figuring out the best place to plant them. They were growing in gravel on an island in the river, fairly close to the water. So my thought is they like a wetter environment. I’m hoping I can “trick” them into growing in the drier garden.

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I went back to the wild patch and was able to pick a handful. They were absolutely delicious! The ones I transplanted are still alive. I will probably transplant some more next spring. The idea is to use them as a ground cover under my currant bushes.