Freeze Asian Pears?

I just harvested my Asian pears, both Shen Li and Korean Giants. Some are half spoiled. I’d like to know if you guys freeze the cut pears. Some websites say yes. I figure I can just cut into slices, freeze, then eat still frozen? Sure the texture will change.

Not sure if there are other ways to preserve the pears.


Make pear sauce then freeze.

They are Asian pears.

You can dehydrate them. They’re excellent that way. Slice them up and put them in the dehydrator. I remove the skin as a personal preference.


That is interesting. I get half box of those partially spoiled ones.

Good to know.

Made asian pear butter this year. Just a little brown sugar and cinnamon. Takes a long time to cook down, but taste pretty good.

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If you’re into canning then I’ve heard the slices maintain a nice firm texture, though I’ve never tried it myself.

I made asian pear sauce this year, it is very good. They need to cook for longer than apple sauce, more like 20-30 minutes.