Freeze Drying at Home

Does anyone have any expertise with freeze drying for the home gamer grower.

I prefer freeze to dehydrating for some things.

I haven’t found anything that would be pracrtical for the home.


We were talking about this in one of the threads just a tiny bit a few weeks ago. I’ll see if I can find a link to a really good site I was reading right before that mini conversation started.

I believe the lowest cost unit designed for home use is running ~$3,500 right now, and that larger units start at a minimum of 11K.

I have no experience, but like you, it’s something that I’ve been interested in. So, I’d been reading about it, even if the price is still higher than I’d feel comfortable paying for something that I’m sure everyone would think of as one of my toys.

Okay. Here’s a blog that gives that best information that I found from someone actually trying it out. He presents positives and negatives from the perspective of someone attempting to use it to the fullest extent possible.

I think it was a three part blog entry and was a good evening read.

A link to Harvest Right’s website. You’ve probably already read that if you’ve been checking out freeze dryers. Of course, since it’s a sales site, the info is promotional. They also sell through Amazon, but at a higher price.

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Great blog! Thanks for sharing Muddy!