Fresh avocados

I’m looking for some cold hardy fresh avocados to try as well as planting the seeds along my fence line. If you have any for sale please message me what you might have as well as the price. I’m not even sure what is fruiting now but I’m looking for avocado that can go below 20 degrees when mature.

Winter Mexican
Mexicola Grande

I just bought Lila Joey and fantastic from they had mexicola too.

They arrived very healthy looking

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Thanks but I’m looking to buy fresh avocado fruit, not trees.

Not sure about ripening times in the gulf states, but I believe at least for CA/west coast growers most of those cultivars ripen either early spring or early fall, so we’re probably in between ripening times now. Winter Mexican might be an exception, as the name suggests, but I don’t know how many people grow that one.

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I just ordered a box from Miami Fruit however I doubt I’ll know what type of avocados they are. Hopefully I’ll get one with edible skin to where I can at least taste one. I still would like to try to find some of the ones that I have listed above.

I just ordered some Mandarinquarts and pineapple guava since I’ve never tried those either.

I finally tried a fuyu persimmon this weekend I hate to say it but I don’t think I like them. I might be getting rid of the 3 persimmons I have or I might plant them in the woods for the deer

I’m pretty sure their avocados are almost exclusively West Indies types (Persea americana var. americana), but they have a wide selection of WI cultivars.

I’ll be going to Miami for a few weeks soon, and one goal of mine while there is to try and find some Mexican avocados, either fresh fruit or trees I can cut wood from, but the WI types are definitely the dominant ones in South FL.

I know there’s a USDA site there with tons of avocado cultivars available via GRIN as scionwood, but I haven’t been able to figure out any way to request an in-person visit.

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