From The Brushy Mtns. NC

Good Morning, a foggy one on the mountain across the way.

Luckily I have been referred here by a helpful Kansas farmer, (my mother’s people are Jayhawks). It is appropriate to share I am an old nurseryman/farmer and after leasing the grazing land last year, I’m returning to a passion beginning from the earlier 1970’s, grafting old apple varieties, especially those having populated the Appalachian region.

Having been on this patched-together mountain escarpment farm for 48 years, I’ll be the last of my family to perch here across the past 200 years. But I’m holding out for how ever long I have left.

My interest in joining today is specifically because of the wonderful happy Limbertwig. I love to graft and grow out these whips. Since I’m too old and pressed for time to cultivate a new orchard, my intent is to Buy and collect as many Limbertwig varieties as I can find.

I have two young orchardists neighbors within a mile, one with 300 acres and a second with 65 acres, and they are Both Good Farmers! I will be offering them a free gift…young Limbertwig nursery stock if they can find a small block to keep them in play.

I can’t imagine of anything I can offer to better honor the memories of my, and all the families, earning livings from these hills. So perhaps with this introduction I shall proceed to look for some scion wood to purchase.

Very Best from The Brushys!


Welcome. There are several members here with extensive limbertwig collections, such as @greyphase and @thepodpiper. Brushy Mountains is the perfect place for another great collection. Years ago I had a few limbertwigs but their taste did not pan out in my soil and climate for some reason.

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Hambone gave you great information, I have received scions from greyphase personally and he is a wonderful gentleman. Very helpful and knowledgeable. On top of them though on the commercial side is century farm orchards and big horse creek farm. They both sell scions and century sells trees, also both near you in western NC. Ron and Suzanne at big horse have been nothing short of amazing to deal with and are such sweet people. They have a great selection of limbertwig scion available and are taking orders till the end of the month. They also have Virginia limbertwig available which Ron Joyner said was absolutely incredible this past year. He said out of all the varieties he grows that it was one of the top apples. Even friends and neighbors helping harvest were asking for it by name. I have many limbertwigs as well growing here in northern Arizona. I’d be more than happy to send you scion from each but I’ve already pruned this season so it would be early next year before I’d have them available to send you. Thank you and welcome.


Ron Joyner probably knows more about limbertwigs than anyone alive. He’ll be happy to learn of @Appleseed’s plans.

Here is a limbertwig- heavy catalog from the nursery of the late Rev. Henry Morton, from Ron Joyner’s files:


Love that area
I used to live in Davie County
check out Tom Browns website


I think I got Brushy MT scion wood Big Horse Creek farm

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Welcome Appleseed, nice to see another kindred spirit on this board. :slightly_smiling_face: Although I only started this journey into the growing of heirloom apple trees when I retired 8 years ago I’ve become very fond of the Limbertwig family of apples. I’ll be sending you a private message so we can get down to the business of getting you some Limbertwig scion. :grin:


My what a special week! Thank you everyone! I will be contacting each of you to answer your kind notes, and find there are some folks here I most likely know.

I have tried to reply to the generous and friendly members by return email, but as usual, I have to fail a few times to learn the system for this board. But expect replies asap. I am working on my scion wood list and will be contacting you Rick to maybe round out some missing LT scion wood, THANK YOU RICK!

I probably cannot offer a lot of grafting knowledge that members don’t all ready know way more than myself. If I can practice board commands a bit, I’ll try and get a few pics of my work area, and more better, the potting/in-ground planting method and share some pics later. Been using it in the nursery since the mid 1980’s.

Again, my very best regards for the fine members’ suggestions, offers and the interesting crossing of paths message. What a special week!


Welcome to this site Appleseed. LOTS of great people and great information and help offered here. Good luck with your wonderful venture. Sounds like a great plan.