From todays market!


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This is just one vendor!


Not bad at all for fall/winter season!


No kidding, still in fifties here this week and going back up to the sixties next week. All new to me!


Pretty. Are the apple varieties unlabeled?

Do people use the long artichoke stem? I guess it would help in a nice bouquet if allowed to bloom.


Usually the apples are labeled and no they do not use the artichoke stem for cooking. The fall apples are starting to come in as are all of the pears. The Abbe Fetel were plentiful last week along with the anjous. I have 3 fetel ripening in a bowl. They are huge and beautiful! I hope they are sweet! Walnuts are everywhere too!


I just went to Walmart and bought some CO2 treated persimmons :wink:


Why do not you treat them yourself to remove astreingence?


Hi Christophe,

I was being facetious. :slight_smile:



I say that without joking.
It is very easy to make non-astreingent persimmon in 4 or 5 days and eat them like a Jiro.
Last week I had Nikita’s gift in non-astreingent. A delight.


I know. It was a total joke on my part for Mrs. G.

It doesn’t translate well maybe or there is a misunderstood why I said that. Of course you’re in France and she’s in France so “God help us all”.

Let’s stop our conversation right here my friend, Christophe. Mrs. G. needs to return on track why she posted which was to show the beauty of her new lifestyle.


I’m super jealous of all your amazing french produce


And I am simply in awe of it. :slight_smile: