Frost killed buds on Prok persimmon

After a very warm period earlier this spring, my prok persimmons suffered a frost in which more than 90 percent of the buds were killed. These were green buds that were at 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch growth. The few buds left alive are scattered around but mostly near the top of the trees. Will the tree produce buds at the site of the frost killed buds?

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My trees turned out to be fine.

Each bud that died due to the frost now has a secondary green bud growing just off to the side of it. I think I may have lost some of my persimmon crop, I won’t know for a few weeks because the trees progress is delayed due to that frost.


Hi I think the same happened with my nikitas gift… also had an early warm spring and then some -7°c nights… ufff… got it covered but just 3 buds or so survived… hope the tree recovers just as yours did :pray:

Are you in Canada or Europe? At that temp (19-20 F) after buds started to push would result in such damage.

Nikita’s is hardy to only -10 F, Prok is to -30 F. You probably see more damage on your NG.


Thank you for the information :pray:Im from Europe … Bavaria… -10 F is the coldest it could get here but we never experienced that… my dad told me that about 35 years ago it got that cold but since then it didn’t even get close… also my garden is located on a south facing slope with the north and sides covered by a lot of buildings … so NG should be able to survive without problems :blush: the only struggle is that we have such mild winters ( the coldest this year was about 16 F) and really warm spring but hardcore spring frosts… so it got 70 F since several weeks but one night it got down to 19 F. Wonder if there is a way to save the buds from these spring frosts… :sweat_smile:


Guten Tag, Herr Philipp (that’s all I can remember in my 3 years of learning Deutsch.)

I grow NG and am in zone 6a. Our low is -10 F but there are years it have gone down to -20. So, my NG could kiss me goodbye in any winter. We can’t grow Asian persimmons here so I’ve just started to graft American and hybrid persimmons (more cold tolerance) for my zone.

There are a lot of experienced persimmon growers 9n this forum in case you have questions.

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Little update to the damaged nikitas gift :partying_face: within two days after i took the picture a lot of buds started too look more greenish and less dead :partying_face::partying_face: tonight it’s expected to drop down to -2 c … we’ll see how the buds make it through this last frost but I’m optimistic :pray::+1:t3:

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