Frost warning for tonight

Pawpaws with blooms are covered and all pots are sheltered for the night.


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How cold? Good luck!

The local weatherman said 32 degrees and frost warning for the Omaha metro. Pawpaw flowers can’t handled frost well.


37 in DSM tonight, but clear and calm now 43.

Yea we got hit with frost. Seeing reports of anywhere from 28 to 30 degrees at the coldest last night here. If it hit 28 degrees I suspect there will be damage to fruit that has already set. Todays high in the lower 50s and then only highs in the lower 40s with lows around freezing for 3 days, with a chance of snow! Good grief.
Hopefully the damage will be minimal to all the tender new leaves on the nursery stock.

KOMA showing 36F… not sure how well you jive with their numbers…but that looks good. My station shows 35.6F and its cloudy here…we actually had rain (snow?) late last night. Today should sit in the 40Fs…

Tonite will be fun if we go clear/calm.

Showing 30F here tonite…probably cover the CJ…the Lapins best i can… move everything into the garage. The big stuff is on its own.

We had no frost and around 36F. My tomatoes and peppers were planted in the ground already and frost protected. But you never know how the weather turns out. So far we dodged the bullet.

Well it may have actually gotten down to 26 degrees for a couple of brief times last night here. Looks like the dew point dropped around 3 am and then at 5 am. Temp followed suit for 30 mins both times. Dammm dry air! Only saving grace this weekend is that with the “supposed” moisture in the forecast the temp shouldnt drop below 32.

:cry: I hope it doesn’t go below 40