Fruit at Longwood Gardens

Fuzzy Kiwi in sheltered location.





Dwarf Sweet Cherry




Didn’t spend that much time there today but will hopefully be back to see things progress.


Cool! Where is this? Will look awesome in a couple months when stuff starts greening up and blooming. That is a stout pear tree.

It is nearby me by in Chester County PA. The big pear is Magness, they have a really nice searchable database that has variety and planting dates.

Beautiful gardens outside of Philadelphia, PA. Another really beautiful botanical garden in PA is in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

Patty S.

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Given it’s size (about a foot thick?), the Magness is probably about to start fruiting soon…Maybe another decade to go? :slight_smile:


They say it has been fruiting since at least 2008.

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When I was there in September that kiwi by the restaurant was LOADED with fruit. I thought it was too cold for fuzzy kiwi, and I’m sure it’s a sweet little microclimate, but still!

I wish I had a spot like that for a Kiwi. Their outdoor/unprotected figs looked better than mine for the most part as well, although some are pushing buds so they might have a problem this weekend and all of the growth was only one year old.

Love Longwood, especially in spring! They have the most glorious flower beds. They have terrific plants that they sell as well. Took a rose pruning class there. Everything they do is so well done!

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