Fruit in my Orchard so far, still weeding

Shui Mi Tao peaches, I have about 20. Cannot wait for them to ripen.

An 8 foot row of black currants. A huge harvest this weekend.

Italian Plums getting larger

Different views of the orchard and various gardens


Everything looks fantastic, a very nice garden. I could sit there all day. What black currant is that?
Weeding is overrated, looks fine!

Wow, mrsg47, what a gorgeous yard you have! I see some very pretty things, like Phormiums and lavenders. Do they last all year for you, or can you revive them in the spring? Or, are they grown as annuals?

Patty S.

Consort and Ben Sarek

Lavender is perennial and that is one plant! I have an acre to work with but not ready for pics yet. Still weeding! The rest is annual (in pots) including the Phormiums that I love!

Drew I do have a few chairs and bench in the orchard and I have been known to sit there for hours!


What a beautiful setting. Just love that outdoor room with the wrought iron table and chairs. How serene!

And this is proof that you don’t necessarily need flowers for a rainbow garden.

Love it


Thanks Mike. I love growing leaves!

Beautiful! Love your eye for color Mrs. G.

@mrsg47 - simply beautiful! Looks so relaxing in your orchard. Enjoy!


Okay, I just have to point out the AWESOME white Hydrangea in the background. Mrsg47, do you know what cultivar that is? I just love white hydrangeas, I have them all over my yard, but since our water is so restricted, they just are struggling this year, even on the east and north side of the house.


Hoosier! Its ‘Annabelle’. A very delicate white that you can cut and it will rebloom, like ‘Endless Summer’. The heads are huge! It had just rained the night before I took the picture so they are drooping a bit. I just put in 2 ‘Nikko’ blues and one ‘Blue Lace Cap’ don’t remember its name. My ‘Limelights’ are gigantic. We call them ‘lambs heads’. Will send you a pic when they are out. Buy it!

Ah, I thought so! I have ‘Annabelle’ and ‘Incrediball’. I also have another unknown white that I completely forgot to grab the plant marker, and I love them because they stay very compact, and the heads stay very upright. Not as big as ‘Incrediball’, but still very lovely, and the individual florets are bigger, I really love the shape and it is white white, doesn’t fade to pink (‘Annabelle’ is like that, which is why I like it). Wish I knew the name. I will find ‘Limelights’, I’ve heard about how gorgeous it is. I have to get them accustomed to less water, which, once established, they actually do pretty good. Growth is stunted some, but they survive.

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Mrs., what a beautiful garden! I am envious of your prune plum bounty.

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Come over and pick in Sept./Oct. :grinning:

Wow, I love how lush your garden looks! I bet it rains there.

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Lovely! The orchard area with the gate looks especially nice. Also like your use of kale in the pots, and the lavender and strawberries growing together.

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Yes, some summers it rains a great deal. This spring as most springs was quite wet. By Aug. the main lawns, not in the orchard will be brown!

Very nice, thanks for the pictures! We have the white hydrangeas too. Two different kinds, one is a bush and the other looks just like yours with the flower heads getting as big as 12". We would also have brown lawns about now, but it’s been raining a lot here. We are having our hottest day of the year today. It’s supposed to hit eighty-nine and its about 100% humidity!

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