Fruit quality from rootstock

I have always wondered what quality/size fruit would result from growing out a tree from our root stock. Thinking about grafting in a few limbs to find out for myself but I’m guessing others have already done this. Any input is appreciated. If you have another rootstock your curious about add it to the list.

Callery: Mostly small berry like fruit that birds seem to like in my area.
Lovell: ?
Bud 9: ?
M111: ?


Lovell is an ancient canning variety. Once I was buying peach rootstocks and researched them extensively. I think Lovell had other problems in my area but I can’t recall specifics so I never bought any rootstocks. There is old posts on GW about it as well if your interested. On ebay there was a guy who grew the thousands of pits from a cannery at the time.

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According to applenut 5 years ago — M111 is icky — and that’s a quote.

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I think I will skip growing this one. Thanks

I have been wondering this as well. According to this source, MM106 produces big green apples “with good strong flavour” similar to Northern Spy (one of its parents). Its apples hang a long time and store well, are also very high in vitamin C.

I have a couple extra MM106 rootstock with failed grafts from this spring, maybe I will let one of them keep growing on its own instead of grafting onto again. We’ll see.

I have heard from a couple of places that B118 produces pretty good fruit. According to some the fruit is reminiscent of sweet tarts if you’re in to that sort of thing. Personally I am. I planted one rootstock last year so I cannot comment yet.

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