Fruit related deals

I will start this one off with my second favorite online source of information and entertainment (sorry Facebook), where we currently have a freebie for 200 compostable mailers (free scion wood shippers)

Feel free to post further fruit related deals here!


Rachio 16 zone sprinkler controller massively discounted for fathers day via Lowe’s and Amazon.

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Chelsea Green Publishing has their annual book sale going on currently, with up to 90% off. Last year I purchased about 25 books for around 100 bucks. Some are fruit related, which I will share below.

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Homesteading Animals 4-Book Bundle: Rearing Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks and Geese. A comprehensive introduction to raising popular farmyard animals (Hobby Farm Animals)

I’m not endorsing this but it is currently free! As is the following

Lean and Green Cookbook: 100% FOR VEGETARIANS - Lose Weight With Meals That Are as Quick as Delicious. Lots of Healthy Recipes, Environmentally and Animals Responsible. BONUS: New Vegan Recipes


Pressure cooker on sale, I have this model and use it often to make yogurt. It would be great for many different fruit related recipes too. 60 bucks for 6 quarts.


OFF-GRID SOLAR POWER: The Comprehensive Practical Guide to Design,Assemble,and Install Your DIY Off-Grid Solar Power System for Tiny Houses,Shipping Container Homes,Boats,RVs,Vans, and Cabins.

Currently free for anyone interested in learning more about improving your energy security. I haven’t read it yet but the price is right.


The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation: From Seed to Tissue Culture, Second Edition

On sale for 48% off list price!

Target has a buy 2 get one free at this price for books!

I have this book and would recommend it for the price.

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ARS ARS-VS-8XZ Hand Pruner

@alan recommends this tool and it is currently for sale for under $35. The seller is questionable but if you are willing to take the risk, it might be a good buy.

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Better check with Rose and the Amazon pruner scam topic. Hopefully it isn’t the same source- the photo does show the genuine article.

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Chelsea Green has their clearance sale right now with many books 80% off. Lots of books for 5 bucks. I might grab a few.

I have the Fakespot app on my computer and the seller is approved and they give them an A,for what its worth.

New seller for $52 vs the fake Chinese version I received with that initial post at $35. Likely the real deal from Maryland at that price, but I already found it on ebay straight from Japan. Still waiting on that order with long shipping times, but I think it will be worth the wait.

Milwaukee cordless pole saw, blower, charger and 8 amp hour battery for $294. I pulled the trigger, I use both tools at work and they are awesome.

Up to 90% off until September 5th with free shipping past 150 dollars ordered. Lots of good books available like The Holistic Orchard, Pawpaw, Gods, Wasps and Stranglers, and many other fruit related choices.

Just another reminder if you are looking for some good books at great prices… I am planning to place an order this evening. Some books are only 2-5 dollars each.


Slow cooker might be good for heating up wax for grafting?

Many other deals out there, fruit or not…