Fruit Set

I am a little surprised this year that my peaches, especially bloomed heavily. The now are dropping buds before shuck split like crazy! They must be self editing. Same for the plums. Maybe I won’ t have to thin this year. Down to one cot, but is hang in’ on. Cannot wait to see my apple set. My Caville Blanc d’Hiver has its first clusters of blossoms which is early for this variety. It is only in third leaf. The flowers are just as wonky as the apples will be! They are all different sizes and mis-shapen. :flushed:

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I wish I could show my Gala apples, so very overset this year when there wasn’t another apple blossom to be found

They’re so thick it’s absurd!

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Mrs. G.,
I was thinking the same thing. It must have to do with up and down weather, cold and wet weather during bloom time (preventing pollinators to do their job).

The blooms were there but the fruit set is a lot less. This is particularly true with my peaches and nectarines. The exception is Black Gold cherry. It sets like crazy.

Mrs. G, I was surprised when my Calville Blanc (graft on existing tree) bloomed in the third leaf. Some types do, I guess. Sometimes I allow a youngster to set but if the branch is frail I won’t. I’ve had to struggle to get my Macoun grafts to take, let alone thrive and set, and once they did start to set fruit I took it off. My Winesap on the other hand grafts easily and sets well. So go figure!

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My Calville Blanc that I grafted on A pear and E pear last year, are blooming on both grafts this year. They may not set fruit but they are not dead ( yet).

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I’m hoping for a big fruit set this year. Warm sunny weather hit just at the right time culminating with a 90ish degree day tomorrow. Peach trees are totally pink…blueberries started opening today…apples showing pink buds…everything is looking good at the moment.

My cherry and plums seem to be setting really well. Its is just my peaches and apricots.? ugh! I will have peaches though.

I am now convinced that the averages of when certain trees start to fruit, are right! :kissing_heart:


Correction: only peaches and nectarines set noticably fewer fruit than the number of flowers they produced.

The rest, cherry, apples, J. and E Plums, A. pears ( except for Korean Giant) and E pears all set well.

I guess in my yard, apricots, peaches and nects are more susceptible to cold and fluctuating temp than most. Hence, the most damage.

Same here!

My peaches set fine, the plums dropped a lot.

Got camera, computer won’t download from