Fruit tree arrangement advise needed

I had been reading the posts here for the past few months and learned a lot.

We cleared a side yard with size about 25ft x 60ft (25 ft from N/S and 60 from E/W) and wanted to plant fruit trees.

The lot is between 2 2-story houses in south and north sides.

I ordered 2 of each of the following: jujube, Asian pears, hybrid persimmons and PawPaws. Below is my planned arrangement. Please let me know if this makes sense. Thanks in advance! Kate

That’s interesting about the E and W

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I don’t actually understand your layout intentions…but wherever the hottest and sunniest spot is…should belong to the Jujubes. And PawPaws won’t much mind being shaded,


I would do this:

Pear jujube jujube pawpaw
Pear persimmon persimmon pawpaw

Because pears and pawpaws can take most wind and low temperature.
Jujubes need heat. The spots closer to the south wall will get higher temperature.
Persimmon branches can die from cold harsh winter winds

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Another option - you can place jujube and persimmon in the same row. 8ft ~10ft gap is enough unless you wan to grow them really tall.

Thanks! I will take @NoVA’s advise. I was thinking jujube may be tall, but realize these trees aren’t that tall.