Fruit trees purchase cost: comparing canadian & u.s pricing. Possible?

This is what I bought for 2021. In all fairness, prices listed on my invoice must be lowered by 26% in order to reflect the value of both currencies. Delivery is expensive but like everything in life: it’s relative…

From my 5 years experience with this nursery, I know my order will be delivered exactly on May 7. There is a 20% chance that it will be arrive on May 6, but 0% chance it will be after May 7. The quality of all trees received in those 5 years is excellent to outstanding. The online catalogue is very complete and helpful and the printed catalogue quality is simply out of this world.

The trunk of 1 tree was a little too curved, grafting not optimal…(think: the Pisa tower) but with simple tree support everything went just fine. 2 months after receiving two Mohler persimmons, only the rootstock got leaves. Took a photo, sent it to customer service and got a credit or refund (to my choice) within 24 hours. That’s what I call: good service!

If you have ordered some of the trees listed on the invoice (2 pages), please feel free to say if pricing of trees is comparable between our two countries.


Whiffletree_2021_order.pdf (384.4 KB)

your trees are about right. the smaller fruits are kind of high. the shipping is pretty high but for some reason Canadas shipping is that way. its a good sized order though so maybe why. this is about the u.s equivelent. they have quality stock and great customer service.

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Thanks Steve. I know that you are quite knowledgeable (because of proximity) with canadian prices. I’m going to have a look at one green world myself. Thanks for the tip. Marc

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Being one the only comprehensive mailorder fruit nurseries that ships to BC is awesome…for some reason small fruits are pricey in canada (can never get over currants and gooseberries which are the easiest things ever to propagate but sell for $20 a piece) i think allot has to do with economy of scale (ie blueberries can be had relatively cheap in BC as there are commercial growers so large nurseries propagate them via mass production…what I find painful is the lack of variety/rootstock selection in canada vs the us (ie unable to obtain varieties developed in canada but same varieties readily available in us) this (in bc at least) seems largely to be due to most fruit trees being imported from us nurseries (likely by brokers who our major nurseries buy from so they all end up with almost the exact same varieties which is lame). Fortunately more small scale specialty (ie heirloom varieties, uncommon/less common fruit seem to be popping up more and more to fill this demand) so i try and support them. Canadian shipping is also much more expensive than in US…overall comparing the two is comparing apples to oranges the us has like 10times the population (potential customers) so buisnesses margings can be lower + the economy of scale for the nurseries (the more you grow/buy the cheaper per unit it is)

Sorry for the long rant glad whiffle tree is around they offer an awesome catalogue/service!


Also to be fair to Canada’s postal system they have an immense amount of ground to cover and while most of your country lives along this imaginary line (love the sattelite night light photos of North America) they have so much icey hard to get to rural areas to deliver to its got to cost twice the amount to run if not more.


that makes sense.

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