Fuji and Jonathan trees

my son got a great deal on six trees, 3 Fuji and 3 Jonathan, sixty dollars for all of them marked at 29.95 each… Problem is they are on P 18 rootstock… I’m thinking of cutting two of them back and grafting a B9 interstem on them to get fruit on them faster and a couple dwarf trees. If I get some straight B9 rootstock. I could rind graft the two B9s together where they may touch and then cleft graft the two root stocks above the previous graft and then graft the tree back on the B9s… I’ve never done it before, but thought it may work if I wrap good and stake it so it doesn’t move.

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Sounds like you were bored and wanted a project…if you have the space, just plant them.
And place a new order for some B-9 or G-41.

I haven’t done it yet, probably April, and you’re right, I’m always bored from Dec. til April.

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Try them as is. For that price make them a Science Project. I have a few trees I am experimenting with on different rootstocks.