Fuji apple and fire blight

According to Orangepippin.com, Fuji is very susceptible to fire blight. This is a real concern. I happen to like a sweet apple like Fuji.

I know quite a few members here grow Fuji. From your experience, is Fuji really that susceptible to fire blight?

Do you use a preventitive spray for it?

Thanks for you input.

I grafted a Fuji onto a seedling this spring. It grew out well and I had no issues until late summer. I think I got fire blight on three branches, they just started to turn brown at the very tip , and continue to brown and die back toward the main trunk. I pruned all three off. Don’t no for sure if it was fire blight but it seemed to really affect the branches it started on.

I had a number of trees hit with fire blight this year. Fuji was not unscathed but relatively fared better than many others (I’d characterize it as a minor strike). I was able to keep it under control with pruning as @Derby42 mentions.
From my experience, I would not refrain from getting ‘Fuji’ on account of fireblight.
I did not spray last year for fireblight.

Derby and Vohd,
Thank you very much for you input.

I’ve never had FB on Fuji. It’s been bullet proof for me.

I found a UMass YouTube recommending Rising Sun Fuji, an early ripening variety, so I ordered it for next spring.