Fuji, Pink Lady and Gold Rush video (and many more)

I responded to Matt about Gold Rush apples in the 2016 thread, and their availability in the winter and I found this video from Kuhn Orchards. They’re located in PA, but they sell at Farmers Markets in Northern VA and DC. I first discovered Gold Rush at one of their markets a few years ago.

Anyhow, I found this video on their site about the growing of Fuji, Pink Lady and Gold Rush apples. They show some interesting training techniques, ripening aids, and use of pheromone traps.


They also have more videos here:



I just posted this in the other thread. But now I see you beat me to the punch here! Thanks.

Great minds…

Excellent set of videos! I especially enjoyed the fact that the presenter is also the grower. For a family farm these folks operate on a pretty large scale.

The mini farm tour was outstanding. Very educational and entertaining.

spent an hour or so lost in those videos thank you.