Funding the site-


Sometimes @Scottsmith needs a little cash infusion to help cover expenses here- is it time yet?

I remember last time that it took almost no time at all to meet the need. It’s one of those "If everybody pitched in $3.00 … " things.

Just thought it was worth bringing up!

Happy Holidays to all-


What would be the mechanics of such a an endeavor? How to?


I think last time we just sent checks, or Paypal or somesuch; I think I just wrote a small check- probably $20 or less!


PO Box or ??


I think if we we wait a bit on a fundraiser it might be better. Christmas has many people on a tight budget this time of year. Just my 2 cents unless there is an urgent need. Like you said if everyone put in a few dollars that would be no problem for most people right now but last time I donated $50.


What is Scott’s email for a paypal donation? PM me if he wants to avoid spam.


Paypal works for me!!!


I think you covered this one already, Clark! and maybe the next one too.

Scott seemed pretty happy last time and he may not even want anything now; I just didn’t want to wait for him to bring it up if it does become necessary.


Funny enough I was wondering about this last night. Just need the info and I’ll donate. This is a fantastic platform.



I think we all feel that way- but let’s wait for Scott, who may not even be thinking about it yet.


As one of those that over spent this holiday season, I would vote waiting a month or so


I’m sure there’s no urgency. And I’m sure a lot of people are feeling tapped; I won’t deny I overspent a bit too. Just something to keep in mind when the need does arise.


This is one of a small handful of websites for which I wouldn’t hesitate to send $20 every year if I had to.


Thanks for the thoughts folks. Our last funding ends this coming February and at that point I will post something on how to contribute. We collected enough money last time to make it to 2/18.


One of the very few sites I visit every day so I am in as well. Will keep checking for the notice, thanks.


Say the word


Agree … this site is FANTASTIC
pass out the Paypal address please